NU APOTHECARY Triple Relief Salve

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We formulated this salve to help relieve the aches and pains of everyday life (joint, bone, muscle) by providing natural ingredients that reduce inflammation and promote blood flow: Raw Hemp- Used to stimulate your endocannabinoid system to help restore balance and healing.


  • Premium CBD Oil - Used for its Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Grape Seed Oil - Rich in Vitamin E. Also has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-microbial properties
  • Bees Wax - Provides a protective layer to the skin while holds moisture in
  • Arnica - Natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory compound
  • Cranberry Power - Great source of Vitamin E and K, Copper and Pantothenic acid
  • Damiana - Invigorates and promotes increased energy
  • Lavender - Anti-microbial, great for wounds provides calming and soothing aroma 
  • Neem - Promotes cardio vascular health
  • Red Poppy - Great for promoting repertory health and pain relief
  • Clove Oil - Anti Microbial, Anti-Fungal, Antiseptic
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